Come along and bring your friends and book RedSun crossfit Osterley and see how your energy levels will rise to ways you did not know were possible, also notice the impact on your general moods from day to feels positive each day. RedSun feel confident in their ability to enhance any persons level of fitness.

We offer all of the following:

-Class training
-custom made programs
-Group training
-Gymnastics classes
-HIT training
-Indoor Rowing training
-Interval training
-Kettle Bell Training
-Olympic lifting
-One to one training
-Personal Trainers
-Rope Climbing
-Strength and Conditioning
-Train people over 40
-Train people over 50
-Train People over 60
-Train People over 70
-Training for children
-Training for men only
-Training for the elderly
-Training for women only
-Weight Training