Aldgate (Beginners Cheap Fitness Classes)

Each one of our Locations has been injected with our RedSunnyness, with all the usual things which we do which our clients love us for and one which inspires them to keep RedSunners wanting more and more thanks to our skills, and technical teaching methods beating all the competition. Every day of the week we work on perfecting our training skills and teaching methods which have created many more RedSunners to work with us. We welcome all people wanting to try our gym.

We offer all of the following:

-Class training
-custom made programs
-Group training
-Gymnastics classes
-HIT training
-Indoor Rowing training
-Interval training
-Kettle Bell Training
-Olympic lifting
-One to one training
-Personal Trainers
-Rope Climbing
-Strength and Conditioning
-Train people over 40
-Train people over 50
-Train People over 60
-Train People over 70
-Training for children
-Training for men only
-Training for the elderly
-Training for women only
-Weight Training

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